About us

FXitinPost is a solutions focused Visual Effects company with a team of specialists prepared for anything.

FXitinPost is a full-service visual effects company with a focus on fulfilling the technical and creative visions of clients around the globe. Through the last decade, the company has collaborated on well-known film and television productions, such as Deadpool, Daredevil, Tag, and Terminator: Dark Fate. In addition, commercial credits include Amazon, Louis Vuitton, and NordicTrack. FXitinPost has also garnered tens of millions of views across the web for its innovative passion project, Scene 38 Reimagined. Our team is ready to deliver results above and beyond the status quo, utilizing the latest in VFX tech, such as Unreal Engine, Xsens motion capture suits, and virtual production stagecraft for real-time results on location. Any vision — whether the brief calls for a photorealistic cityscape or hyper-stylized cartoon compositing — FXitinPost has the skill and grit to make it happen.

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We are thrilled to hear about your project or to answer any questions you might have. Discussing client’s vision on an initial meeting is the first step to bringing ideas to life.